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Leading the Transformational Retreat   - September 8, 2014 In this highly interactive session, you will learn and work with 6 questions that will change the way you think about retreat planning.    

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Leading the Transformational Retreat

September 8, 2014



What if your next retreat was a major turning point for your organization? Whether you are taking on a new role, team, or initiative, or want to establish a fresh level of energy and focus for your organization, the way you plan, speak about, and manage your next leadership retreat can be a powerful investment in your future success. A corporate retreat can stimulate thoughts of exotic locales, lengthy slide presentations and seemingly frivolous exercises. Yet, a retreat can be a transformative tool for setting a new tone and direction, impacting how people communicate and think about their roles within a team. It can infuse renewed enthusiasm and commitment into how your people operate, expanding what’s possible together.



How you engage with your people can make all the difference.



You are invited to a seminar on The Power of Transformational Retreats. In this highly interactive session, you will learn and work with 6 questions that will change the way you think about retreat planning.



This session is highly recommended for leaders:
• In new roles
• Of newly formed teams
• Who wish to set a new direction
• Of merged organizations
• Who need people to operate at a higher magnitude of creativity, collaboration, efficiency, or customer focus
• Who need to transform a situation, a culture



Monday, September 8, 2014

2:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Catalyst Ranch, 656 W Randolph St, Chicago

Cost: $80


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Seminar Leaders

Anil Saxena and Jackie Sloane, our presenters, are seasoned leadership and transformation consultants who have worked with leaders to create, launch, sell, and implement successful transformation initiatives. They have served leaders at privately held, public sector, not-for-profit, and Fortune 300 organizations in most industries, including: communications, consumer products, education, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, publishing, retail. Their clients include Abbott, Accenture, Bank of America, Campbell’s, Comcast, Deloitte, DeVry, Grant Thornton, Hot Mama’s Foods, Hollister, Hospira, PepsiCo, Purdue University Calumet, Navistar, Safer Foundation, University of Illinois at Chicago, Underwriter’s Laboratories, Walgreen’s, and many others.



Jackie SloaneJackie Sloane specializes in enhancing the ability of leaders to achieve significant results and greater well-being through how they engage others, communicate, and cultivate relationships.  She has over 25 years’ experience in executive coaching, leadership development, communication, and engagement consulting. The Generative Leadership Communication program she developed has been credited with unleashing creativity and innovation, and reducing production time at client organizations. She has served leaders, teams and groups at privately-held, nonprofit, and Fortune 300 firms in a variety of industries, including academia, consumer products, financial, manufacturing, professional services, pharmaceutical, medical/medical products, publishing, and retail. She has created and delivered leadership retreats, culture change, engagement consulting, and leadership and professional development programs for Abbott, Accenture, Comcast, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, Hollister, Navistar, PepsiCo, Purdue University Calumet, University of Indianapolis Alumni Association, Lincoln Park Business Development Institute, Navistar, Pepsico, University of Illinois at Chicago, and many client organizations. She is a graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago, holds two coach certifications, including Master Certified Coach, has a Certificate in the Executive Team Alignment Process and is certified by the Center for Creative Leadership to facilitate use of the Center’s assessment tools. She has completed many coaching, leadership and communication programs.



UntitledAs the Senior Consultant with Cube 214 Consulting, Anil Saxena partners with client companies on all types of organizational changes, including talent management initiatives, major department reorganizations, and technology shifts, developing highly successful change management programs.  He works with clients to increase both customer and employee engagement, while decreasing turnover, improving customer retention, and increasing profitability within organizations. With more than 18 years of experience in organizational change, development, and talent management, Saxena provides valuable insight and best practices in a common sense and easy to understand style. His focus is on ensuring that all coaching, training, and development can be applied immediately. Anil employs a creative and enthusiastic approach to training, encouraging participants to learn in an enjoyable, relaxed environment. He has held Change Management leadership positions in major companies such as BP, Discover, and Gallup. Recent clients include DeVry, True Value, CME, Purdue University Calumet, AM Castle, Underwriters Laboratories, Safer Foundation, McDonald’s, Cole-Palmer, Fisher Scientific, Campbell’s, Hospira, Rotary International, and Walgreens. He is a graduate of IIT, has served as an Associate Professor at University of California, Irvine, teaching management development, change management, and organizational change, and has a Master Certificate in leading organizational change from Northwestern University.


September 8, 2014,

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